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When hired together, the two Tawantok Beach Villas are the perfect venue for weddings and other special events of up to 60 guests – with up to 32 of them comfortably accommodated at the villas themselves.

The villas’ broad beachfront gardens, large pools and the near-deserted sands of Lipa Noi Beach itself make an unforgettable tropical setting, especially at sunset.

We will always be happy to assist you in finding the best wedding planner, photographer, caterer, or even magicians, clowns, jugglers, musicians and many other professionals who can make your event memorable.

If you wish to hold an event at Tawantok Beach Villas, please contact us for further information.

Maximum people seated: 60
Maximum people standing: 60

Elite Havens General Guidelines for Events

Event Guidelines for Tawantok Beach Villas


select a villa or combine to make up to ten bedrooms

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Tawantok Beach Villas – Lipa Noi, Koh Samui beachfront holiday rentals Elite Havens

Tawantok is Thai for “sunset”, a totally apt name for this west-facing Koh Samui retreat. Looking out across the lawn and pools, the main rooms have huge glass doors that open to let the sunshine and tropical breezes in.

Just beyond the pools is the talcum-soft white sand of Lipa Noi Beach, arguably one of Samui’s and possibly Thailand’s most beautiful yet quietest beaches. Beyond that, one’s gaze is drawn to the warm, sapphire-blue sea and the indigo silhouettes of islands on the horizon, the perfect setting for each evening’s sunset spectacular.

Ensuring that guests have every opportunity to appreciate the delights of Tawantok Beach Villas to the full, the staff seem to be equipped with emotion sensors that tell them what you want before you yourself know.   

The chef caters to your every culinary whimsy with a delicious selection of Thai and international dishes. Indeed, his skills are such that many guests never feel the need to go beyond Tawantok Beach Villas to eat. Between meals, choose to lounge in or around the pool, play a game of tennis on the villas’ superbly maintained court, or order up a masseuse to iron out any kinks in your body or psyche. Or, of course, you can take full advantage of the beach and ocean. Enjoy a book under the shade of a palm tree, or a gentle surf on one of the villas’ stand-up paddleboards.

The possibilities are many and all of them deeply tempting. Welcome to Tawantok Beach Villas.